DIY Hair Bow Holder

I love easy crafts and this hair bow holder was a piece of cake! My daughter is about to turn 7 months old and we have found ourselves in the world of hair accessories. These darling little bows are just so cute, but they are multiplying and they are everywhere. I needed a cute solution to match her room and keep these accessories under control.

I made this easy DIY bow holder for $16 and with better planning I could have made it for less. I found the picture frame at TJ Maxx for $10, the ribbon and background paper at World Market for $3 each. I am sure similar items can be found at Micheal’s and with a coupon this project can be under $10!

You will need:
Picture Frame
Decorative Paper
Double Sided Tape

First cut your decorative paper to fit your frame and place behind the glass. Next wrap your ribbon around the glass and secure to the back of the decorative paper. Finally return the glass, paper and ribbon to the frame, secure into place with the locks on the frame and you are ready to add your bows!! 

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