Homemade Brown Sugar Body Scrub

An invigorating exfoliator that will leave your skin glowing and smelling delicious for a quarter of the price!
Whether you are looking to have a spa day at home or want to create the perfect gift for friends and family this Brown Sugar Scrub is perfect.

Shopping List:
Glass Jar (I get mine at the dollar store)
1 cup Brown Sugar
¼ cup Coconut Oil
2-3 Vitamin E Capsules (cut open Vitamin E liquid gel caps)
1 tsp. Vanilla Extract
1 Tbs. Honey

 In a mixing bowl combine all ingredients. Once the ingredients are thoroughly mixed together they go directly into your glass jar. I like to print out labels with the ingredients and sometimes add a bow to the jar to dress it up a little bit. You can play around with different extracts or oil essences for a unique scent.

 I like to buy my brown sugar and coconut oil at Costco so I can make the brown sugar scrub in bulk around the holidays.

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