Weight loss fruit, pills, magic?

OK people lets get real. Do any of these products really work? What are they teaching you besides cutting back on your calories and taking a pill. I cant begin to tell you how many emails a day I get asking me to purchase their products. I truly laugh when I see all over facebook how Rachael Ray and Oprah lost their weight. They both took the same product.  They didn’t watch what they were eating or exercise. Is that the magic pill? Oh once you decide to order this magic fruit you also have to purchase the magic pill that will reduce your belly fat. In reality all your doing is taking a stool softener and going to the bathroom to remove that bloat you are feeling. 

Guess Im just venting.  With all the science over the years stating to lose weight you need to cutting back on calories and exercise I guess the “Magic Pill” theory gets to be a pain in the neck when its all you see on line. Most individuals that I have spoken with over the years and currently cant find the time to fit in exercise into their busy day. I surely understand that. We all want to be fit, healthy and feel energized. When will you start taking responsibility for yourself and make some changes?

If you need somewhere to start and are ready to take responsibility for your health, fitness and well being for the next 30 days only Im discounting the IsoBreathing DVD’s. Its a starting place. For those of you working in an office these exercises will come in handy. for the most part no equipment is needed. If you are ready go to www.isobreathing.com remember only 30 days then the prices go back to where they were.


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