Something to think about

I receive emails daily telling me about the “ultimate weight loss” programs. I’m asking you to use your brain. There are programs claiming that if you drink 2 shakes or eat bars containing 200 calories each plus, 2 snacks 100 calories each, and to eat a healthy meal for dinner  400 calories you will lose weight. That is a total of 1000 calories, of course you are going to lose weight.  I’m not going to name the programs out there that so many are using.

Over the years I have friends trying  to get me to join  multi level marketing schemes so I can make lots of money. I have been teaching lifestyle changes for almost 30 years. I hear the same things over and over from a lot of the SAME people of how much they lost on a specific program. They jump from one program to the next claiming each system is the best, and how much weight they lost. Once they regain their weight they are on to the next and claim that this system is now the best.

You can lose your weight by making smarter healthier choices with your food intake. There is so much useful information on web and there is a lot of junk filled information.  Use your brain and don’t end up falling into the quick weight loss schemes.

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