Hiring a trainer

When you decide it is time for help then it is time to hire a personal trainer. All I can say is do your homework.  Find out who your friends use. Ask questions:

  1. How long have you been training
  2. What association are you trained through
  3. Are you able to handle physical limitations
  4. You may end up with an injury. Is that trainer able to work with you.

Look for someone who is knowledgeable and will listen to you. Make sure they do a lengthy medical assessment. Do they watch you perform range of motion moves?

My biggest pet peeve – you finish performing an exercise and you know you can’t do any more.  Are they pushing you to do 5 more repetitions where you are feeling guilty if you don’t do them? It is one thing to challenge yourself but don’t allow someone to demand you do something you aren’t ready for. Listen to your body and don’t allow someone to push you past your limits. Just keep in the back of your mind that this individual can’t feel what your body is feeling. You are paying them, make them listen and speak up!

Always make sure if something doesn’t feel right, question it. Sometimes it is just a slight adjustment of your body positioning. I have worked with many after they have worked with other trainers. Great comments are always – wow it doesn’t hurt doing it this way. I thought it was supposed to hurt. Forget no pain, no gain. If you are lifting weights improperly you will just end up injured.

Bottom line make sure you check out your trainer ahead of time and communicate throughout.


2 thoughts on “Hiring a trainer

  1. You are absolutely right about communication. I tell everyone I work with that if something feels odd to let me know right away. No matter how closely we are watching someone we can’t always tell if they are hiding discomfort that could end up being something serious. Unfortunately I think too many people place total trust in their clients and maybe they think it’s not their place to question them, not realizing that we do not mind at all explaining to them what they are doing, why they are doing it, and what it should feel like and more importantly what it shouldn’t feel like.
    Or they are afraid. I’ve worked with a few people that switched trainers because their previous trainer was too intimidating! Not a good relationship 😦

    Honest communication so important for a successful client/trainer relationship. Great post Ellen.


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