2013 New Year – New You?


Another year just rolled by.  I’m sure you made your New Year resolutions by now. Did you know that by the 15th of January most resolutions will be broken?  The question now becomes what are you really looking to achieve? Instead of the diet and exercise resolution, how about just becoming healthier?

When was the last time you had your blood pressure taken, blood work, heart check? If you are already on medication, would you like to reduce your dosage or get off it completely?

In order to accomplish results you must take baby steps in redoing your lifestyle.

To become healthier

  1. reduce your portion size
  2. eat healthier
  3. start with  a 10 minute walk a day
  4. write down your accomplishments

This looks like that same old diet, exercise plan.  If you don’t think of it as a diet, exercise program and just go the becoming healthier route it might not seem so daunting. Joining a gym is great but after the beginning of February most who just signed up will be paying their monthly dues and not attend the gym.

Can you now take 100% responsibility for yourself without the excuses?


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