growing an indoor veggie garden

When the weather started to turn cold I ask my gardener to clear an area for me to grow a veggie garden. They were very happy to do that for me. (for a price) I told them what I wanted to grow for a winter garden and I was told that they would get what I wanted and plant them for me. Many weeks went by and when I questioned when I would be getting these veggies I was told that they planted seeds for me.

I was not a happy camper. I thought they were going to plant small plants and they would grow from there. It has now been two months and what was planted is no taller than 2 inches. Something is very wrong there. When visiting Rebecca  my middle child she showed me her garden and what she started indoors from seeds. I was very impressed and inspired to do my own garden.

When I got home I took the plastic containers that apples come in from costco and placed dirt in the bottom half. I planted seeds and placed the top half back on the container. (mini hot house) I was out of town for 6 days and when I got home this is what I found – the lids were popped off and plants growing like crazy.

It is still too cold to plant these outside so I purchased Styrofoam ice chests. I poked holes in the bottoms and used the lids on the bottom to catch extra drainage.  I tied string above them so the peas and beans have something to climb on. I think I will just grow my veggies indoors.

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