Drunk Gummies

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I typically stay away from refined sugars (they make me itchy) but while I was recently visiting my sister I saw a tray of gummy bears in her fridge. When I asked why she kept gummies in the fridge she replied “because they are drunk”. I had to give them a try. They were great, you don’t even taste the vodka!

Drunken Gummies are super easy to make. All you need are two ingredients: Vodka and Gummy Bears!! Simply put the gummies in a baking dish or Tupperware, cover them in vodka and leave them in the fridge for about a week. As you can see below the gummy on the right has a nice swollen belly full of vodka.

*Please note this recipe includes alcohol and is intended only for adults over the age of 21. Please don’t eat these and drive, operate heavy machinery or text.

54 thoughts on “Drunk Gummies

  1. love this idea! will definetly have to try them out…stumbled across you on pinterest and now am following your blog too…
    I would love for you to visit me at http:/teensntoddlers.blogspot.com


  2. Just read in the paper that this is the new way teens are getting drunk. And parents don't notice when the vodka is hardly missing….so be careful!


  3. I think you could use any hard liquor. I kept my gummies in the frig for three Weeks! They were quite tasty!! for spring I am going to try the butterfly gummies:)


  4. I cannot wait to make these, sounds like lots of fun. I have a friend moving into a house soon and I think this will be her house warming gift!!


  5. I use haribo gummy bears , pour them in the glass tub and pour vodka or coconut rum and fill the glass tub til it just covers the gummy bears. Don't touch them for at least five days. They will not be ready.
    This is great to do with gummy worms as well. Swedish fish was a fail. You can do this with any form of liquor just remember this gummy bears are little shots of what ever you pour in there and also fruit flavored. Enjoy


  6. Mine worked great! We put them in a flat tupperware container and used enough vodka to cover them, then put the lid on and put them in the fridge. We shook it every once in a while to make sure every bear was getting an equal amount of the vodka. They were a little slimy but overall tasted great! It only took 24hrs. so fun and easy! thanks for the idea!


  7. I have made them and put them in the freezer instead of fridge… this way, when I took them out a few days later, they had absorbed the coconut run and vodka (I made two bowls, but were NOT slimy or sticky



  8. Do they need to be refrigerated once they are done absorbing the liquor? Going away and wondering how they'll stay in a sealed tuperware container but not kept cool….



  9. Did anyone leave it for only a few days? I have a party on friday and am not sure if it would be worth trying if they won't be ready, what about the freezer??


  10. I have my gummies in the freezer as we speak. I put them in on Monday evening and need them for a party on Friday. I tried them frozen and they are really hard and don't taste that great. I was thinking about defrosting them Friday morning, what do you think?


  11. I put the gummies in the vodka and into the fridge on a friday night, and by sunday night they had sorta mushed together in a blob. I was able to separate them for the most part with a spoon and then put them back in the bowl with some fresh vodka. I think they need a good jiggle rather frequently. I was using Brach's gummy bears. They are somewhat slimey. Good luck!


  12. i think a 6lb bag is 6-7 usd at costco also if they are a lil slimey/sticky after the freezer you could prob sprinkle sugar or powdered sugar on them to be less sticky and coat them a little. just a thought


  13. Gummies of any kinda are incredibly high in carbs and sugar, and you are adding booze to them?!

    (31g carbs and 21g sugar in 17 Haribo gummy bears)

    You are some brave ladies…..


  14. I've done this before, it worked out great. The trick is to use the Hairabo (might've got the spelling wrong) bears, not a store brand and to stir them once a day to prevent the bears clumping too much. Definitely use a flavored vokda for best results because the bears will lose their natural flavoring because of the alcohol.


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