Energize with Ellen Show

I am so excited about having my own show Energize with Ellen. This is a dream come true. I have always wanted to help as many individuals as I possible can and what a better way of doing just that. Each week there will be a nutritional tip from a registered dietitian,  exercises and stretches that will be mostly performed while being seated in a chair. I will be teaching the IsoBreathing method of exercise known as the “Kindergarten” of exercise.

October is a perfect time to start this program – right before the holidays. I want to help you start off the end of the year with a weight loss instead of the typical 8-15 pound weight gain. Why wait until January first to start your New Year resolution?

You can start to obtain results with your very first week of watching and of course participating with the IsoBreathing breath, exercises, and stretches.  When exercising body positioning is everything if you want to obtain results, and you will  learn about posture.  If you are sitting at home or watching the show on your computer, iphone or ipad you will be able to participate. I will show you where to take measurements for your first week so that you will be able to see your own results after only one week.

I did receive an email from a client in Chicago stating she just got her IsoBreathing volume 1 DVD in the mail and was starting the program. She emailed me after one week and took off 23 inches. (total body measuring) Yes some of that loss was due to water weight but… that is great encouragement to stay on track. The second week on the IsoBreathing program she took off another 13 inches and a total weight loss of 15 pounds. Yes these numbers are higher than the average but she was performing the IsoBreathing breath several times a day and performing all the exercises daily. She was also following along with the nutritional chart that is provided with the DVD kit.

That is just one person. With my TV show I will hopefully have thousands if not millions watching and getting results. This is a non sweat program and the exercises are meant to be performed throughout your day.  The exercises can be done all at once but most do not have the time to exercise for 15-  20 minutes.


Join me on October 3rd at 10:30 am central time on Universal Access channel 47.2 or on line at http://www.uanetwork.tv

A huge thank you to all my sponsors: http://www.barkedgoods.com, http://www.barkedgoodsjax.com, http://www.churchillterry.com, http://www.dfwbacktohealth.com, wellness institiute, http://www.ASGsecurity.com, and http://www.summerlamons.com

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