Cyclists good or bad?

Let me start out saying that cycling is great for your health. It is a no impact activity and can get your heart rate elevated quickly. I am referring to a leisurely weekend bike ride.

I live near a few different paths that are great for walkers and cyclists. My biggest problem are those cyclists who think they own the path and speed past you without any warning as they are coming up behind you. The kinder ones yell on your left so you can move to the side. I use my weekends for my pleasure rides where I love to take in the scenery and say hello to walkers (not  stopping, just a good morning in passing) and a few other cyclists who happen to ride slower.

I love to ride down to a local lake area which is a long ride from where I live but find it very frustrating because I am not going top speed. Oh and my clothing doesn’t represent Lance Armstrong and other famous cyclists. I think it is great that cyclists are going out for their weekend rides but a little more respect on the path is very much needed.

There have been so many walkers that have been injured by cyclists going top speed without any care for anyone but themselves. I know not all cyclists are like that but there are a great number.  How can the slower cyclist riding on the correct side and to the side enjoy a ride when groups come riding at you at top speeds and take over the paths? It has gotten to the point that I will only go on one specific path where the rare cyclist is seen. That path has gotten boring and I need more.

If you are one of those top speed cyclists reading this please be aware of your non- athletic partners who want to get out and ride for pleasure, not time.  Also a occasional hello would be nice or am I asking for too much?

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