Back to Basics with Isometric Exercise

Are you looking to begin a fitness program? Have you been exercising for awhile? If you fall into either category, getting back to basics with isometric exercise has a huge benefit.  It’s the best way to tell if you are able to target specific muscles. Body positioning is everything. Are you standing or sitting tall. Are your shoulders down and relaxed away from your ears? Are your neck muscles relaxed?

Example: Bicep curl (front of upper arm) when performing a bicep curl are you feeling just the bicep muscles working or are you feeling it in the wrist or lower back? If so, your body positioning is off.

When posture is poor your shoulders are rounded which pulls on your head forward and out of alignment. In turn it pulls your upper body forward which places a strain on your lower back. When performing any exercises if your body is not in alignment your muscles will over compensate and pull on other muscles you do not want working.

IsoBreathing exercise of the month: Improving your Posture.

To improve posture you have to keep it on the forefront of your mind. Next time you are passing reflective glass take a look at yourself.  If you are sitting or standing elevate your ribcage. Push your shoulders back and down.  Keep your shoulders are away from your ears and your neck muscles are relaxed. When holding this position you will feel mid back muscles working along with a stretching in your abdominal muscles.  Once in this position, it is not held for more than 12-15 seconds and you’re back into your slumped comfort zone.  Set a timer for every hour. Reposition yourself with proper posture. Eventually you will think of this all the time. It does take time for a habit to form.

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