Eating at the Stadium

My husband and I went to a baseball game recently. Personally I always eat before going. I don’t eat stadium food. A young couple sitting next to us ordered a large pretzel and a few beers. When the waitress returned with their order she had a medium size pizza box and I thought that she got their order wrong.  When they opened the box there was the largest pretzel I have ever seen. It was at least 3 inches in thickness and 12 inches in diameter with either 3 or 4 dipping sauces.

Mind you, a regular stadium size pretzel of 5.5 ounces contains 488 calories not including any toppings. A larger 8 ounce pretzel contains 710 calories. The pretzel that I saw I can’t even begin to estimate the amount of ounces to calculate the calories not including the sauces.  I guess I am the one with the problem when I see supersizing. The obesity problem here in America alone is continuing to rise, along with the health problems that accompanies it.

I do love watching all kinds of sports, but have a difficult time with the foods that are served. I know that I am not the only one who would purchase healthier choices. What about those who have food allergies and can’t eat any product with sugar, flour, dairy or the combination of all? That leaves the choice of bag of peanuts or popcorn.

1 small bag of popcorn = 9 cups   573 calories

1 large bag of popcorn – 15 cups 951 calories

Nachos with cheese = 40 chips and 4 oz of cheese 1101 calories

1 jumbo hotdog 6.4 ounces 464 calories

A 6 inch pizza 630 calories

1 bag peanuts 8 ounces = 4 cups 1280

I’m not saying don’t enjoy stadium food. I’m saying be aware of what you are placing in your mouth. You are watching the game and not paying attention the calories that are adding up. Some will say get over it and others will agree with me. With the cost of health care consistently increasing this is something for all to think about.

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