Your Weight Loss Journey in a few simple steps

Every morning as I drink my coffee I check emails. Part of those email are from google analytic’s and the key words I have signed up for. I like to keep current on what is going on out there. I find article after article about diets.Which ones will work within a week, not FDA approved, which ones the celebs are using, and which ones people are blogging about.

My question to all of you is are you ready for a change? Are you in the right mindset to lose weight? Over the years I have found if you aren’t in the right mind set, weight loss will not happen. Wanting and doing are two separate things. How many of you have taken off a few pounds, rewarded yourself for taking off the few pounds and put those pounds right back on. That is the one of many reasons why dieting never works. You are too strict with removing too many foods at once. Eating habits need to change and weight loss can be permanent.

These simple few steps will get you started on your weight loss journey.

1. Start with portion sizing everything you currently eat for one week.

2. After first week add in an additional fruit and vegetable every day.

3. After second week cut back on your junk foods. Try  1/2 serving size. Do this for one week.

4. After third week add in another fruit and vegetable daily Do this for one week

You have now cut back by portioning all of your foods and your junk foods. You are now eating at least 2 fruits and 2 vegetables per day. By incorporating these small changes your lifestyle is now changing to eat healthier. You should have also taken off a few pounds by now. This is your starting point. Change takes time.

Those quick weight loss diets never last. Make the slow change and your weight loss will be forever.

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