HCG and Isometric Exercise

From all the information that I have read, when on the HCG diet you are not supposed to perform strenuous exercise.  Have you thought of isometric exercise? Isometric exercise is a contraction of a muscle group. The  longer you hold the contraction the more intensely your muscle works. If you are using your own body for resistance the exercise does not have to be high intensity. You can perform gentle exercises to prepare your muscles for the time when you are off the HCG.

The IsoBreathing program offers just that. IsoBreathing has been called the “Kindergarten” of exercise. It is a starting place. As you lose your weight you want to keep your strength and define your muscles. This can be accomplished with the IsoBreathing program.

In volume one you learn the IsoBreathing breath and how muscle should feel when being worked properly. When muscle is worked properly with proper body positioning you will start to achieve the results you are looking for starting with your first week. This is a non sweat program and designed to be performed throughout your busy day.  The bottom line is did you get in all your exercises at the end of the day. For those who have time can do all the exercises at once. Once the exercises are learned it should not take more than 10 minutes for a full body workout as shown in volume 2.

Volume one of the IsoBreathing program teaches the IsoBreathing breath along with body positioning for a hand full of exercises giving you a full body workout. The first half of the DVD has you working against your own body resistance. The second half has you working with the IsoBand for more intensity. The Isoband is enclosed inside the DVD case of volume 1. Volume 2 combines all the exercises you learned in volume one and give you a full body 10 minute work out.

No matter what diet regime you follow, exercise should be part of your package. Allow IsoBreathing to help you achieve your goal. http://www.isobreathing.com

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