Back to Basics

I decided to play tennis again after a 5 year absence. I took a hand full of sessions and was asked to join a league. I was thrilled to be playing once again. My team meets twice a week for practice and the third day we play other teams.

I thought things were going quite well for starting over until my elbow started to hurt. This happened once before when I was playing many years ago.  After about a month and a half I thought what is going on? Why is my elbow hurting? After teaching fitness for over 20 years I decided to listen to what I preach and go back to basics.

I asked one of the pros to go back to basics with me. Each pro has their own teaching style.  I went through two different pros and found that I was not quite getting what I needed.  I went to another one because, three is the charm.  This third pro was able to give me the extreme basics with both visual and hands on. That was exactly what I needed. My elbow didn’t hurt once when practicing the basics.

I found my body position was off, and so was my stroke technique. The reason I am telling you this is how many of you work out and think that you are supposed to be in pain when exercising? If you are working out with one trainer and you find that something is not right, question it. Ask to go back to basics. Ask about body positioning.  If they are not able to help you then look for someone else. Don’t be afraid to ask. It’s your body and you have to live in it hopefully pain free.

If you need help, the IsoBreathing program is the “Kindergarten” of exercise going back to basics.

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