How knitting can help you lose weight

Most people tend to over eat in the evening. A meal skipped earlier in the day always end up with additional eaten calories in the evening. Are you stressed? Emotional eating is done all the time but evenings tend to be rated as the highest. If you keep your hands and mind busy you can end up losing weight.

I have heard from many that learning to knit can be frustrating. There are many groups that meet all over the place during the week and even on weekends. They have both morning and evening groups that meet.  Most of the ladies are so nice, and willing to help a new knitter. Once the stitches are learned and practiced it does become easier. Like anything you have to practice. If you’re  like me I had to practice a lot.

It takes 28 days for a habit to form. Imagine knitting each evening for 28 days. By the time  28 days pass without eating in the evening , it may led you to lose a few pounds without even trying. To me that’s the best, losing weight without even trying as we all struggle day to day to either lose weight or keep the pounds off.

If some suggestions of what to knit is needed just let me know. I knit hats for children on chemo and for the homeless in Dallas. Blankets are also easy to make both for babies and children. This can become a great mindless, non-thinking activity that can help you lose weight and reduce your stress.

By the way, including the IsoBreathing breath will also help you trim your belly area. If you are worried about tight muscles after your knitting session you will need to try “Stretches for those who Knit and Crochet” which can be found at

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