Setting Goals: Isometric Exercise and Weight Loss


December is notorious for setting you New Year’s goals. It’s now March, so how did you do? Most goals set by the New Year are broken within three weeks.  Have you tried using isometric exercise as part of your exercise regime to obtain your weight loss goals?

Isometric exercises can be performed anywhere, anytime. That is the beauty of isometric exercises, no equipment is needed. Most of the time, no one has to know what you are doing. If you have a very busy day planned and don’t have time for the gym or your at home workout,  try adding in a few isometric exercises during the day.

Over the years of training clients I have found those who incorporate written goals and journaling tend to get to their goals better than those who do not write things down. It is too easy for things to slip by if you are not journaling.  When you are not keeping track, it’s easier to miss a workout here and there, skip a meal or over eating at another meal.  Your journal is your accountability partner. We all need one. It’s too easy when you take off a pound or two to sabotage yourself by thinking it is ok to indulge for one meal or one dessert. When you have to write things down you tend to stay on track.

1.       Keep your goals simple.  I will lose one pound a week. Of course we all want to lose 10-15 pounds in a week, but then again, that is not healthy for your system.

2.       Commitment. How badly do you want to lose weight? Are you ready to follow through with what it takes? If you are not mentally ready, nothing anyone says or does will end up working for you.

3.       Journal. Write it down. If it is written it is real. This will help you stay on track even if you mess up on one meal or miss a workout. You have to write it down. Go back over everything that you have written by the end of the week and see how much progress you have made.

Everything will fall into place and results will occur by setting goals and following through.



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