Anti Aging- lead a healthy lifestyle

The other day I had to go to the grocery store because I was out of almost everything. The snow and ice in Dallas is not removed like it is up north, so I prefer not to drive in it. I was having a group of friends over for super bowl, so I needed to add in the extra groceries.  I get up to the cashier  and was asked for ID because I was purchasing beer (for my friends). I asked if this was a joke and she said no. It was store policy, if anyone looks under 40 they needed to be carded. I laughed and gave her my ID. She was shocked to see that I was over 50. My hair was tied back and wore no makeup.

I was at lunch today with a friend and she told me that I looked like I was glowing. Of course I thanked her.  I told her it was good genes and she stated that it is not just good genes but  the healthy lifestyle that I lead. This got me to thinking. I really do lead a healthy lifestyle, and not just because I am a trainer. I eat for energy and that leaves out all your junk foods and I don’t drink alcohol. I cut out junk foods and alcohol about 2 1/2 years ago. I was feeling tired, cranky and not myself. I went to see a physician that specializes in females and we chatted on the phone for an hour. I had blood work done and found some items I was deficient in. I never did believe in supplements and never recommended them to clients. I still don’t until they have some blood work done.I also found foods that I have  allergies to and they had to be cut out.

It was not easy cutting out my junk foods and the first week was pure hell. By week three I started to feel better. I had some more energy and was starting to feel like myself again. To this day I still don’t eat junk because I don’t ever want to go back to feeling bad. My skin has also never looked better and I get compliments all the time.

There is so much information on the web about anti aging creams, lotions, supplements, and so much more. If people would change their lifestyle  just a little bit, I know that they would feel better and start to look better. Information that has been studied and documented such as the difference in smokers and non smokers, drinkers and non drinkers, those who take drugs and those who don’t. My question to you is are you ready to change just a little in how you eat and exercise to help with anti-aging.

I don’t know about you but I plan on living till I’m  at least 120. If you are ready for a change, let me know and I will be happy to help you out.

I can be reached at  in the subject line please place IsoBreathing’s Blog. For more Information on starting a fitness program go to  IsoBreathing is known as the kindergarten of exercise. Its a great starting point.

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