Lose weight by going BACK TO BASICS

Lose weight by going BACK TO BASICS

We all have good intensions with the beginning of the New Year to lose weight. There are many diets and exercise programs to choose from.  Living in a fast paced society where do you find the time and where do you start?

Start with the basics:

1.       Exercise- Start with an isometric exercise program is the best way to start if you are not a seasoned exerciser or you are looking for something different. By starting with isometric exercises you learn what muscle groups you should be targeting and how they feel when being worked.  Start by using your own body as resistance. Once you are able to get into an isometric hold and hold it for 30 seconds, it is then time to add resistance such as an IsoBand. This is perfect if you do not have any exercise equipment or are traveling.

A.      Begin with 10-15 minutes of isometric exercise. Perform different exercises every day. Use a variety of different exercises for each of your muscle groups.

B.      For additional variety you can take your isometric exercise and use a full range of motion for your muscles.  Keep adding in variety because muscles to tend to stagnate if it is the same exercise performed over and over.

2.       Nutrition- Start with portion sizing. It is the easier than cutting out all of your favorite foods.

A.      Read all your packages. It will tell you what a portion size is. Most foods are ½ cup.

B.      Measure all your foods for one week. It will give you a better idea of what a portion is so eventually you will be able to eyeball it.

C.      Keep it simple. For each meal eat a portion of protein (meat, fish, chicken, eggs etc) and a portion of carbohydrate(bread, rice, potato, cereal, etc), and a portion of fruit.  For lunch and dinner add in 2-3 servings of vegetables for each.

D.      Junk foods- cut back to one a day and portion size it.  Eat it at the end of your meal. Don’t make it the center of your meal. By the end of your meal you should be full and hopefully will only eat ½ of your portion.

E.       Drink water with every meal and in between your meals.

3.       Aerobic activity- Keep it simple and start with a walking routine.

A.      Walk for 10 minutes a day as your starting point. Make that your minimum. Everyone has 10 minutes.

B.      If you have any extra time add it in.

C.      Once you have been walking for a few weeks it is time to add in variety. Walk for 3 minutes to warm up. Pick up your pace for 30 seconds. Go back to your regular walking pace for 1 minute and repeat a few times.  As time goes on you will be able to elongate your quicker pace time until it is up to 2-3 minutes at a time.

The bottom line with any program is to keep it simple and fun so you will be able to do it. Always add in variety so your muscles do not get used to one thing. Add in variety with your foods also. Don’t stick with one or two items or that will also get boring. If you cut out your favorite foods you will think about them, then obsess about it then over eat it. When it comes to exercise most will join a gym and over work, and the next morning barely be able to get out of bed. If you keep it simple there is a better chance that this will last.

If you are ready for an isometric exercise program go to http://www.isobreathing.com


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