New You New Year

The New Year just started and I’m sure most of you set up your resolutions. If losing weight or becoming healthier are one of your resolutions then let me help you set yourself up for success with 3 simple steps.

1. Write it down. If it is written it is real.

A. Write down your goals both short term and long term. Be specific.F

2. Don’t change too much at once. If you do it then becomes just another diet and exercise program.

3. If you get off track: Don’t beat yourself up or feel guilty. Just start over as of now.

We all start the New Year off with high expectations.  Definitely reach for the stars but be realistic about it. Expect to change your eating habits but don’t change all at once. Allow time for change to take place. If you are cutting out junk food items (personally I say cut them out one at a time) but hey its the new year and you cut all of them out.  If you cut everything out at once you tend to set yourself up for failure.  Usually the first week your on your way to a great start. Everything is going great. You eat a healthy breakfast, salad for lunch and protein with veggies for dinner. You say to yourself WOW this is not bad. Then the second week something happens. You start to think about the items you cut out, but are still okay. It is week 3 that gives most everyone a very difficult time. It is then you continue to think about the items you cut out and by now you start to obsess about them. It is now the end of week three and its the weekend. You can’t take it anymore and  you over eat those items. Back to square one.  Instead allow for one junk food item  a week and portion size it.

If it is an exercise program that you are starting, I highly recommend that you listen to your body. It will tell you when enough is enough. What good is it going to do you if you exercise  intensely one day and then you are sore for the next several days after. You won’t want to exercise when you can barely move. If you are just starting an exercise program even if you are working with a trainer. They can’t feel what your body is feeling and they will try to strongly encourage you to continue. If you feel you can’t do anymore than don’t. There is always tomorrow. If you are on your own pick up an exercise DVD (of course mine) and you will still need to listen to your body. Your body will tell you when you can add in intensity. (its when you can comfortably perform either 10 repetitions or three rounds of 5 isobreathing breaths)

Set yourself up for a successful new year and just do it.

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