Biggest Loser Live Training

I just received my AFAA monthly packet for me to see what type of trainings are available for continuing education.  I was totally shocked ( guess I shouldn’t be) that they are now offering Biggest Loser Live Training. I guess Jillian Michaels paid them lots of cash not only to have courses with her face on it but now Biggest Loser training. I can’t wait to learn how to belittle clients. I hope that I am shown how to correctly climb on a clients back and make them carry me around. I also hope that in this course I am taught how to become a psychologist so I can “break my clients” and get to the bottom of their real problems. I hope they teach how many times a day my clients should cry as I cuss them out and then have them turn around and thank me. I am so excited to learn the real secrets on how to make clients puke.

Thanks AFAA. I am so proud to be certified through your organization.

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