Biggest Loser Contestants now Trainers???

I do understand the Pay It Forward concept.  I believe in it and do it myself, but my biggest concern is a non certified trainer training others. I guess this all stems from the way these contestants are being trained themselves with non-safe tactics.

 The methods that are used on The Biggest Loser I could never use in real life. I would be sued if I climbed on a clients back and yelled, cussed, belittled them and worked them so hard till they puked.  I think that I would lose just a few clients.  I would never take an obese client and make them climb stairs, ride a bike the distance of a marathon, or run on their first visit with me.

Many years ago before I became a trainer I asked someone at the gym to show me how to do a squat using the 45 pound bar that you place across your back. I was told to take that bar and place it on my neck. I didnt know any better and did so. I had a sore neck for almost a week. I then asked a trainer (who I thought she was) and was shown proper technique. Amazing difference no pain.

That was just one example but these contestants that do have big hearts, wanting to help others lose weight need to be very careful. Just because they were taught to over push themselves it is not safe or good for others. Why is it when I obtain a new client I go through a minimum of 45 minutes of medical history and have medical wavers signed by physicians before starting their programs. If I am lecturing and perform a demonstration and have the audience participate I always mention if you have limitations this is a modified way to do the exercise. Are these contestants doing that to prevent injury?

I may be old fashioned and overly conservative but goodness why can’t these contestants with the big hearts be verbal  mentors instead of trainers. Let us with the proper training do our jobs.

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