Can multitasking get you fit?

How many times have you found yourself waiting in a car pool line with nothing to do but check messages on your phone? How about sitting all day long in a conference trying not to squirm in your seat because of lower back discomfort? Do you find yourself too busy to go to the gym but want to lose a few pounds and get in shape?

“Multitasking: Your fitness for Life Program” is here to help you out. Most of us lead very busy lives getting up early with a full day of things to do and not enough hours in the day to complete them.  Try to fit in exercise on top of that; well most of us tend to place ourselves on the back burner.  Imagine yourself standing on a grocery store checkout line and being able to work some muscles without anyone knowing what you are doing? What can you do while brushing your teeth in the morning, or sitting in a subway on your way to work?

Many of us do not have the discipline to wake up extra early and go to the gym.  I have broken up your exercises into many small segments that will fit in during your busy day. What did you accomplish at the end of the day is what counts. There is a terrible mind set out there that has individuals thinking that if they did not work out for an hour straight that the exercises won’t count.  

The IsoBreathing program is meant to be broken up into many segments.  Being the “Kindergarten” of exercises this is your starting place. It is all about starting with isometric exercises and them moving on to full range of motion. Even if you work out on a regular basis there are always the days where you can’t fit in your exercises. If you are like me and have many early morning meetings, and then the day just spirals out of control, when will you fit in your exercises?  Learn how you can make the most of your day by feeling energized, healthy and become fit while Multitasking.

The” Multitasking: Your Fitness For Life Program” can be purchased on line at the IsoBreathing website  A portion of all proceeds go to Trees For The Future.

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