Can Costco become your gym?

Imagine doing your Costco shopping and at the same time getting in a full body workout without using any equipment but your grocery cart and the items you purchase? There are many of you with good intentions of starting an exercise program or those who just can’t find the time to fit fitness into your busy day. 

I personally am at Costco once a week for all of my fruits and vegetables.  This last time I put on my pedometer just to see how many steps I can get by just walking around the store.  I started at zero in the parking lot which I was able to find a parking spot 230 steps from the door. (about 9 parking spaces) I walked up and down every isle as I shopped.  My total was 3,018 steps. That is approximately 1 ½ miles.

I love purchasing the bulk items because there is some weight behind some of the larger items. Examples:  a case of water, the bag of dog food, the case of black beans etc. It takes energy to lift these items. When lifting heavier items remember to pull in your belly and use your legs. This will help prevent lower back injury.

As I walked up and down the aisles my cart was getting heavier. When I was about to turn left at the corner I placed my right palm on the handle bar where you push and exerted extra pressure to turn the corner. I also used my left oblique’s (waist) to help with the turn of my cart.   If I didn’t need anything down that aisle I walked a little faster.

When I was finished shopping I was standing in line.  I hate to waste time so I began my full body workout.  

Chest:  Stand tall with your feet hip distance. Place your hands on the outside of the handlebar with your palms facing inward. Use the palms of your hands to push inward.  Keep your shoulders down and relaxed. Hold this position for three IsoBreathing breaths. (slow deep inhales and exhales with a twist)  Relax your arms and repeat two more times.

Quadriceps: front of upper thigh- Stand tall holding on to your cart. Take one foot and place the toe of your shoe on either the wheel or on the bottom rack. Your knee is soft (slightly bent). Now push with your leg. You will feel the quadriceps muscles tighten. Hold this position for your three IsoBreathing breaths. Relax your foot and repeat two more times and then switch legs.

To learn more about the IsoBreathing breaths and the rest of your full body workout you can read “Multitasking: Your Fitness for Life Program”.

Ellen Miller is a certified Fitness Practitioner/Personal Trainer who has been teaching lifestyle changes for over 20 years. She thinks outside the circle to design her varied programs. She is the originator of the IsoBreathing program which is known as the “Kindergarten” of exercise. Ellen has DVD’s, CD’s, and Booklets (under 65 pages), and her latest book Multitasking: Your Fitness for Life Program and coming soon Planes Trains and Exercise: Your Exercise Guide To Travel.  All can be purchased on her website

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