Fitness Challenges- Are They Working?


I think it is wonderful that there are fitness programs and challenges put on by the work place and some TV shows. The only question I have is will it last?  When a challenge is put forth to an individual the question asked is what is the prize? If the prize is money then yes most will sign up for it. When it comes to telling someone that the prize is better health and longevity, why is it that people won’t go for that prize?

Over the years I have heard of so many excuses: I’m too old to change, I’m set in my ways, I don’t have the time, I don’t have the energy and thousands more.  Wouldn’t it be great to get up in the morning and feel energized and healthy?  Wouldn’t it be great to stay energized though out the day?

I could take a whole different twist and say, what would happen to the health care system if obesity and its health complications weren’t in existence? What does it take to get someone off the couch and have them want to make a change?

Are the exercise programs too difficult? Is it the nutrition factor of making a change unappetizing?  It needn’t be difficult for either of these items. The challenge of losing weight with money as a prize at the end is the incentive.  Does the weight loss then last? Most of the time the answer is no if extremes were taken. The extremes consist of dieting less than 1200 calories and or spending hours in the gym. This then just becomes Just another Diet/Exercise Program, and it is for the short term. Then the old habits which die hard return with a vengeance and all that hard work are once again lost.

Trying to promote a slow lifestyle change is a huge challenge itself. There are too many gimmicks that promise that overnight weight loss.  Without the work, time and effort it takes to make weight loss permanent it then just becomes another lost effort.

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