Can I make a change to become healthier and fit without a gym?

Can I make a change to become healthier and fit without a gym?

I was a networking meeting the other day and had a chance to do a two minute introduction which is very rare for a networking meeting about IsoBreathing. I stated that I like to think outside the circle. I hate the over used outside the box quote.

I had previously done some research for an article and put on my pedometer and walked up and down each aisle at a very large store.  I was curious as to how many steps it would take. It turned out to be 1 ½ miles. When it is hot outside many of us use that as an excuse, so I tell clients to go to a store and walk inside.

This warehouse had shopping carts so I used one and did my shopping. As the cart got full it got heavier so there  was a physical exertion applied. It is amazing if you think about it by even pushing a shopping cart and placing your hands in a specific position how you can feel oblique’s working as you make a turn down an aisle.

I continued to explain two isometric exercises that can be done with the shopping cart without people staring at you. As I concluded my two minutes I of course mentioned my book ”Multitasking: Your Fitness For Life Program” and how someone could get a full body workout with a shopping cart or sitting in a conference. Not everyone is meant to belong to a gym and how someone can fit in exercise throughout a busy day.

Can you make a change to become healthier, more fit and energized? Of course you can if you set your mind to stop with the excuses and just do it. Take it one day at a time and take baby steps.

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