Are You Hooked On Just Another Diet/Exercise Program?

I am hooked up with Google analytics so I can see what articles are being written under fitness, exercise, isometrics, and a few others.  I love seeing how many of my articles pop up in a day’s time. I also enjoy reading what else is out there in the fitness world. This morning there was an article written about a movie star hiring a trainer so she can look good on her wedding day. Of course we all want to look fantastic walking down the aisle.

My question is why wait for a wedding day or special occasion? Why go all out for just another diet/exercise program that is not going to last? Why not slowly change your lifestyle so you don’t have to “Kill Yourself” to get in shape.  Most of the lose X amount of pounds in a short time or spending hours at the gym a day don’t last.

When it comes to celebrities we always want to know what they are doing to stay in shape. Some of their quickie schemes are not the smartest or safest. A good number of them have changed their lifestyle to be healthier and fit, but you don’t find too many articles about them. You find the crazy articles of extremes that they will go through for a part in a movie or that special occasion.  

 Just imagine eating healthy for energy on a daily basis, and of course having just the occasional junk food. Imagine making the time for exercise daily. This doesn’t have to mean taking an hour or two for exercise.  There are programs where you can perform varied exercises throughout your busy day. The bottom line is, what did you accomplish by the end of the day?  Don’t fall into the trap of just another Diet/Exercise program.

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