Press Release


Book features simple exercises that can be done anywhere, anytime

Dallas, TX – July 27, 2010 – Ellen Miller, owner and CEO of IsoBreathing, Inc., fitness trainer and the bestselling author of numerous books and DVDs featuring her signature IsoBreathing fitness plan, announced the publication of Multitasking: Your Fitness for Life Program. The new book is ideal for busy women juggling careers, families, hobbies, friends, and multiple other responsibilities, but who desire to maintain optimum health and wellness.

Miller originally developed IsoBreathing to help clients intimidated by the impersonal and alienating environment of many modern gyms. The techniques, which focus on a combination of isometric exercises and slow, rhythmic breathing, can be performed by anyone of any age. Indeed, Miller’s clients have ranged from teenagers to eighty somethings.

Her new book targets women of all ages who don’t have time to go to the gym or even follow a tedious DVD program. Instead, readers can perform the exercises while brushing their teeth, walking their dog, standing in a grocery line, or even sitting in a meeting. They’re perfect for the multitasker, whether she’s CEO of a major company, retired grandmother or stay-at-home mom.

“If you do these simple exercises and follow the easy, healthy and delicious recipes included in the book,” Miller said, “you’ll see weight loss and tighter, leaner muscles. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or have been physically inactive, you’ll get results without having to ever step foot in a gym.”


Ellen Miller founded IsoBreathing, Inc., in 1994 (originally called Body Shaping, Inc.). She’s a certified Fitness Practitioner and Personal Trainer and has taught hundreds of clients how to achieve wellness, fitness and stress relief using her unique IsoBreathing program. She has written and produced several fitness DVDs, CDs and booklets, all of which are available for purchase on her website, She also publishes a monthly newsletter, produces YouTube videos featuring some of her IsoBreathing techniques, and is a frequent presenter and speaker at conferences and workshops throughout the Southwest.

Miller and her husband, Alan, have three grown children. They currently live in Dallas, Texas.

For more information, call 972-672-5381, or email

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