Be Aware

I just got back from a great vacation.  I did learn something that I never knew before. First I would like to state that I do have many food allergies. When ever I travel I take along snacks that I can eat and use as a meal if needed, so I was pretty prepared for a two-week vacation. When I booked  my flights I made sure that they had gluten-free options for my meals and they did. When I arrived at the airport and got on the plane I double checked with the stewardess to make sure they had my meal. She checked but the meal was not there. I was frustrated because I did want a meal, but wasn’t that upset.

They did have a plain salad that I did eat. Within a short time after eating I started to feel a tightness in my head. It is the same feeling that I get when I have MSG. I called the stewardess over and she told me that there is a preservative that is added to all airline food. What an eye opener. I now know that I am allergic to preservatives.  My normal eating habits I do not eat anything that contains preservatives or names that I can’t pronounce.

The reason for me writing this is to tell those that are not aware that there are preservatives in airline food. That also took care of my return trip. There was a purser on board and she felt bad that I could not eat the food so she shared her food with me. She also ws on a restricted eating regime.

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