The Reality of The Six Pack Abdominals

As I sat in a weekend long conference gaining my needed continuing education credits the subject of the six-pack came up a few times.  The reality of it is simple to us who are in the field of fitness. For the rest of the population it is difficult to grasp the reality of what is really involved in obtaining that six-pack.  There is so much bunk out there on the net  in paper and even radio and tv that all you need is a pill or a few simple exercises.

The wake up call for those not in the fitness industry: You can’t get a six-pack  in a few short weeks or with a pill. It takes lots of hard work and extreme nutrition. When I state extreme  I am speaking about removing all junk food, alcohol, salt white flour and sugar, fried foods, fast foods and other items from your every day diet.  If you ask any of these people who have obtained these much wanted six packs they exercise daily if not twice daily.  It doesn’t come over night.

Those with a 30% body fat reading or higher will not get that six-pack in a few short weeks. Those with at least 15% or lower have a much easier  time of getting there. If you are at that 30% or higher concentrate on losing weight with healthier food choices, aerobic activity and exercise. Not everyone is meant to have that six-pack. It is extreme discipline to get there and keep it there.

You need a full body workout not just crunches to get slim down that belly area. You can’t spot reduce but you can build muscle in a specific area. If you do not get rid of the outer layer of body fat and you perform lots of crunches all you are doing is getting stronger abs which is good but you are not reducing that outer coating of fat.

Remember it is the combo of the three activities to slim down. Aerobic activity, exercise and healthy nutrition.

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