AntiGravity Running

Antigravity Running

This started last June when the bottom of my foot began to ache after a long run. I was not sure what was going on so I iced it, rested it and tool off a few days from running.

Of course I preach to my clients when something doesn’t feel right,  and it lasts for a few weeks get it checked out. No I don’t listen to my own advice. I continued running on an off for another month to the point where I had to stop running altogether. It hurt to walk. I am still assuming it is plantar fasciitis almost a year later.

I am seeing a chiropractor that specializes in sports especially runners. I was shocked to hear that he wants me to start training for a Marathon in December that will be here locally. I asked how and he told me about his antigravity treadmill. In the past I have ran on a treadmill  that was enclosed and  filled with water.  I was told that this was different. After putting on some tight shorts with a zipper that lined the top,  I stepped in to this compartment on the treadmill and zipped myself in. I pressed the on button and air started to fill the chamber. After calculations were made I was able to determine what percentage of my body weight I wanted the treadmill to handle.

I started off with a walk and there was no pain. I picked up the pace to a jog and again no pain. I then thought ok no pain with a jog how about a run. I was able to run at an 8.0  mph and had the machine subtract 25% of my weight. I felt great. After the run I did find some discomfort so next time I reduced my pace and did not go over 7.0mph.  Last time I ran I had the machine take off only 20% of my weight  and ran at a 7.5. It did feel good afterwards.

Will I do a December marathon? Well only time will tell. The other day I ran on a rubberized surface and it felt pretty good. We shall see about the training. I need to be able to run for at least 3-5 miles pain free on a regular surface. I hope to test that out within the next few weeks. I will keep you up to date.

Ellen- IsoBreathing

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