Do you have correct body positioning when exercising?

When I was visiting my parents we of course went to the gym. They both workout with weights for 1 hour and then take an aerobic class for 1 hour. Got to love it. While at the gym my mom was rubbing her neck. I asked what was going on and she said that it was tight. I asked her to show me what machine she was using and asked her to demonstrate how she was using it. As I observed, her body positioning was off. I corrected it and lightened the weight. Of course no discomfort after the correction.

I can’t stress enough for all to listen to their bodies when exercising. If you are feeling strain or discomfort just stop. Readjust yourself  and then try again. Better yet hire a personal trainer for a session or two until you understand how to workout without getting injured. Dont over do movements and always start out with light weight. Once you are sure that you are working muscle and not straining then add-on some more weight.

I observed many that morning and when ever I go to the gym I see those using their full body to lift heavy weights with extreme rapid movement or poor body positioning. A recipe for sore muscles if not an injury waiting to happen. Most machines have stickers attached stating what muscles you are working. If you are feeling it elsewhere something is off. Dont be afraid to ask. Stay safe.

Ellen Miller IsoBreathing

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