Be careful of the info you place on facebook and twitter

This has nothing to do with fitness. I read a local article that should be placed world-wide. Do you realize the information you place on facebook or twitter or any other social network site for that matter? We are trying to inform friends where we are going and what we are doing but… that is also telling everyone where you are going and what you are doing. What that actually means is you are not home. You are informing the world where you are going to be and for how long.

I didn’t realize that I was also doing this until I read this article. I was so excited to place on my social networking sites that I was going to varied networking events, or to the comedy club or out hunting for horseshoes for my latest project. I for one will start entering the where I have been after the fact for  now on.  Not that I am paranoid but it is just a little extra safety for my home. I prefer not be broken in to.  Just something for you to think about:)

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