Menopause and weight gain

I wrote several months ago about gaining weight and menopause. After going through a number of blood tests and saliva tests my doctor helped me adjust some vitamins and nutrients that I was missing. I also took out a number of foods in my diet that were giving me some odd symptoms.

We have all heard it in the past to take away the white flour and white sugar. No nutritional value. Well after being off of those for eight months now I am feeling great and I have lots of energy.  I am not saying that taking those items out of ones diet will be easy. I was a huge sweet eater but now I don’t miss it. I also stay away from white rice and a number of other items. I do miss sushi. I know they make it with brown rice but when I inquired about the ingredients some places do add in sugar or corn syrup and I stay away from those items.

I have spoken to a number of female friends and when I tell them what I no longer eat they state well I would miss those items too much. My question to them is how bad are you feeling?  I found that by staying away from  those foods and a few of the foods that I have allergies to I didn’t realize how bad I was feeling. 

 Most of the articles that I do read from the organizations that I belong to the nutrition sections do state to stay away from the whites and  other food items such as processed foods. I guess you really don’t know how you are feeling until you stay away from certain foods.

I do need to tell you that I did take off 10 pounds without trying. When you cut out the flour and sugar you do take away a lot of your junk foods such as pizza, bread, pasta, (I eat brown rice pasta) chips, and sweets such as all cakes, cookies, oh and don’t forget my (was) favorite margaritas. At this point and time I am enjoying the reduction in headaches, abdominal bloating, cramps and tiredness Oh don’t forget the mood swings and hot flashes.

You do not need to be menopausal to take away the flour, sugar and processed foods. Start now and give it a month. Anyone can do anything for thirty days. You just have to set your  mind to just do it.  Once you are feeling better ask yourself is it worth going back to eating the way you did?

It is a mind-set. You do need to set your mind to what do you really want to carry out? I guess I was too tired of being tired. I also found that doing my short isometric exercise routine in the mornings does help me mentally because then I dont have to think about it later in the day. It’s finished. Start your day with a smile on your face and state what a great day it is going to be:)

2 thoughts on “Menopause and weight gain

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience. I had the worst PMS symptom this month after eating a lot of white rice. I’m cutting white flour, pasta and sugar and I’m already feeling better.


    • You are welcome. It is amazing how much better you will feel after a few months without the whites. Now be aware of corn such as high fructose corn syrup. That is in a lot of foods. Read your labels. I cut out corn all together and feel great.


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