Weight loss advertisements

As I was drinking my one cup of coffee this morning I was watching the news and on came another weight loss advertisement. I was wondering if those out there watching these advertisements for weight loss actually believe what they hear. This one was for a weight loss clinic with MD’s. They gaurentee a loss of 2-5 pounds a week. In very tiny print (the kind where you need a magnifing glass) it stated with a 1200 calorie diet and exercise results will vary.

Hello!! If anyone who is looking to lose weight ate 1200 calories and exercised they too can lose the 2-5 pounds each week depending on how much of an output of energy (aerobic and strength training) they did on a daily basis. That is without drugs.

I love watching the advertisements for the programs who will deliver delicious meals to your door so you too can lose weight easily like the movie stars. Again in tiny print results will vary. Ok I get it not everyone enjoys or wants to cook but if those who want to lose weight ate portion sized foods and got in a little exercise they too can lose weight without having to spend money for delivered foods and or drugs.

I guess after spending many years trying to encourage individuals to portion size their meals and get in a little fitness I sometimes feel like I am the one draging a horse to water and they dont want to drink it.  I have tried many different stratagies over the years and I have found that the bottom line still is everyone wants that overnight weightloss. They want to take that magic pill and wake up slim and fit. Unfortunately that is not the way it works. I guess that is why these companies that promote quick fast weightloss will always make money.

I have to admit that I also use some of that in my advertising but if youdo take and individual that does not watch what they eat and place them on a food plan and give them some exercises yes in one week they too can start to lose weight. Yes the first week will most likely be a water weight, but that is taking away that extra bloat. For most individuals that is positive encouragement to stay on track. When you are able to watch your caloric intake and output with a little bit of exercise and aerobic activity you too will begin to burn calories and lose weight.

Over the years(and university studies have been done) the best way to lose weight and keep it off is watching the amount of calories you are taking in, getting in some form of strength training and aerobic activity daily. Magic pills are not in this formular. It takes work and consistant work to remove bodyfat from oneself. It doesn’t have to be tough although most individuals do make it tough on themselves by making their daily ritual a chore. Have fun and change things up will help you keep spice in your life on your weight loss journey.

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