Are you just starting an exercise program?

I received another interesting comment yesterday on youtube. It states you do a nice job and regardless of your age you do have a well-built body. The point is that trainers posting here look fresh, young and excited as if they had the magic to make one look amazing in 2 weeks. Your experience comes up when you try to make it simple and easy to practise anywhere. Now if most of these kids would do it in spite of making useless comments they could feel the difference while they are young. I am young and I try, I get nice results so far.

I am grateful for the nice comments but the gender and age range of the people that I receive those negative comments from  teens to those  about 28 years old. The people that I do help range from 30 on up. Those are individuals who are not looking for the hard body look. They are people who are morbidly obese to  those just starting out and need guidance. I did ask my clients if they would have hired me if I had all those hard cut muscles and was told that they do not want a hard body trainer. They are just too intimidating.  That is why I get along so well with my clients.

Those just starting out need someone who will help them change their lifestyle, feel good and energized in the mornings, and be able to get out of bed not feeling sore. For someone just starting out where is the encouragement if they can barely get out of bed the next morning?  Why would they want to exercise again? I keep the IsoBreathing program easy for a reason. You can increase your intensity as much as you feel your body can handle. Yes later on you can go for the burn if you choose to, but just starting out you need to take it easy and allow your body to get used to things.

I do belong to gym and I do see these young enthusiastic trainers all gung-ho with their excitement of training an individual but they do forget to ask how does that feel to their clients. Remember if you are the one performing the exercises your trainer can’t feel what your body is feeling. The trainer is there to encourage you and push you but how hard do you want  to be pushed when you are working out?  Most people just starting out do not know that they can speak up and say enough. Remember it does take time for you to gain strength, muscle and lose body fat.  Lasting results can’t be accomplished in a short amount of time and last. That just makes it another diet and exercise program.

For you to change your lifestyle you must ask yourself are you ready? Are you ready to stop with the excuses? If you change one thing at a time you are then making a lifestyle change. If you try to change too much too soon you are just starting another diet/exercise program. It does take time for change to happen. I hear it all the time from friends that they just can’t give this up or that up. There is no reason to give anything up. Use extreme moderation. Use portion sizing for your meals. Use a base of 15 minutes for your exercise program. Everyone has 15 minutes.  If you have more time then add in the additional exercises. After you do this for one week then add in another change for your lifestyle change. Add in something healthier to eat. Add in another five minutes to your exercises. You will see that this process of taking things slowly will help you change your lifestyle to a healthier one.

Maybe it is because I am older and have trained many people and have been through what most of you are now going through. I do have empathy for my clients. I do receive many wonderful letters stating how I have helped them out. I am very grateful that I have touched many lives over the years. I do plan to continue to help many more even though there are many newer, younger, hard cut muscled trainers out there. Yes I will continue to place snippets on youtube, write articles and books to reach as many people that are looking for a kindergarten exercise program.

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