Are individuals really that insecure?

I have received many interesting comments over the years about varied exercises. Most very positive and encouraging. I try to think outside the box and take an exercise and break it down so someone who is either morbidly obese or just starting  a fitness program can exercise and feel good about themselves.

Recently I obtained a comment from youtube (where I do have a some snippets) that was not that pleasant. It was from an person who when I looked up their information was large with extreme hard cut muscle. Dont these people realize that not everyone is fit with hard cut muscle? Dont they realize that in reality it is a very small percentage that is extremely fit with hard cut muscle?  Dont they realize that most people are trying to fit fitness into their daily lives and don’t want to live at the gym?

I truly wish that those people would stop with the negativity and start with some positive encouragement. Are they that insecure about themselves that they can not use a kind word. I have tried for over 20 years to encourage people to change their lifestyle one day at a time. 

It was a few weeks ago that there was an article on-line about one of the Biggest Loser contestants putting back on almost all the weight he lost on the show. (He was the winner of season 3) There was some extreme hate emails that were written and very few positive encouraging words to get back on track.  I guess for those who never had to battle with weight don’t have a clue. It does take lots of hard work and positive reinforcement to help those stay on track.

As for me I just cut those negative comments so others don’t have to read them. Sometimes I feel like I am back in grade school with the bully’s. As adults all I want to say is grow up. Life is too short for all of your negativity. Not everyone wants to live at the gym staring at themselves in the mirror or every reflective surface flexing their muscles.  Being healthy and fit is one thing. Not everyone wants hard cut muscles. Look I have been there and done that with both losing weight and hard cut muscles. At this point in my life I don’t want that hard cut look for myself.  I don’t want to spend all those hours at the gym.  So when you see me in those snippets trying to encouraging others you will not see hard cut muscle. Yes you may even see some body fat, but I am healthy, energized, strong and HAPPY!!!! So get over yourselves and allow me  to continue to encourage others to help themselves to a better quality of life:)

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