You Accomplished Your goals Now What

There are some of you who have accomplished your goals, so how do you hold on to those accomplishments.  How do you continue to stay motivated?

Start your day with a smile on your face and take a minute or two to pat yourself on your back and say what a great job you have done to get to this point.  Take a good look at yourself and now state what is it going to take to get through today and stay on track. What did it take to get to here? Think about how great you are now feeling and looking. It would help if you kept a journal of your daily struggles and accomplishments. Read and reread them. I have found that reading or thinking of where you were to where you are now helps you to keep on track.

Take a photo of yourself now and place it in our journal. Write down all of the positives that you see and feel. Say to yourself just for today I will get in my exercise, just for today I will eat healthy,  just for today I will keep a smile on my face. Just for today…

When it comes to exercising it may be time to shake up your program and try something new. Variety is the spice of life and you performing the same routine day after day become boring. You may want to try an isometric exercise program,  yoga, pilates, step, boxing, cycling, swimming, jumping rope or something as simple and fun as a hoola hoop or belly dancing. There are so many varieties of exercise that you can purchase it in DVD format or at your local gym try a class that you have never taken.

You will also need variety in your caloric intake. Try to add in a fruit or vegetable that you are not used to eating. Try to prepare your meal using different spices. In order to stay motivated and stay on track change it up.

Ellen is a certified Fitness Practitioner and Personal Trainer and has been teaching obtainable lifestyle changes for over 20 years.

Ellen writes and produces fitness DVD’s , CD’s, and Booklets of the IsoBreathing program.  All  are now being sold through the IsoBreathing website world wide.

Ellen writes for her monthly newsletter, North shore wellness and counseling and New Orleans Wedding Magazine. She has been awarded Innovator of the Year 2006 by City Business.

She has been married since 1978 to Alan and has three grown children.

Her hobbies include  Oil Painting, Knitting, Pottery, Gardening, Welding , glass works, and Reading.

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