Staying Motivated

The New Year is here and we have set up our new year resolutions. For most individuals the months of January and February and part of March are not that difficult to make a lifestyle change. Then something clicks and you say to yourself “ I have been good for so long I can go off just a little.”  All it takes is one taste of something that you have taken off our eating list and you go back to craving more. If you have been exercising on a regular basis you then start thinking up of excuses to miss one of your regular work out sessions. It’s too cold outside, I’m too tired, I’ll do it tomorrow. All you need to is miss one session and the rest snowballs and you are way off track.

So what will it take to stay on track? How can you continue to stay motivated?

  1. Take everything one day at a time.
  2. Write it down. When you write items down as part of your daily schedule it will help you as a mental reminder to do it.
  3. Leave the excuses behind. Just do it.
  4. Find a family member, friend, or co worker to do this with you. An accountability partner will help you stay on track.  Do not use someone who will find additional excuses to change your mind and get you off track If you cannot find an accountability partner use yourself.
  5. Write down your daily accomplishments. If you happen to miss out on something (exercise or you ate something you should not have) write it down and why you got off track. Were you stressed, upset, and frustrated? Get down to the nitty gritty as to why. Then the next day move forward. Do not beat yourself up over it. Think back to your very first day of starting this lifestyle change. The excitement you felt. The way you treated that very first day. Wake up each morning and take a moment or two and imagine how easy this day will be. Feel that same excitement you felt with day one. Place a smile on your face and move forward. You can do anything you set your mind to accomplish.


Ellen is a certified Fitness Practitioner and Personal Trainer and has been teaching obtainable lifestyle changes for over 20 years.

Ellen writes and produces fitness DVD’s , CD’s, and Booklets of the IsoBreathing program.  All  are now being sold through the IsoBreathing website world wide.

Ellen writes for her monthly newsletter, North shore wellness and counseling and New Orleans Wedding Magazine. She has been awarded Innovator of the Year 2006 by City Business.

She has been married since 1978 to Alan and has three grown children.

Her hobbies include  Oil Painting, Knitting, Pottery, Gardening, Welding , glass works, and Reading.

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