Keeping your New Year Resolution

Now that you made your resolutions for the new year, will you be able to keep them?  Realize that it takes 30 days for a habit to form and only one day to break it. Then you must restart the 30 day process over from day one.

Staying on track:

Write down your resolutions. If it is written, it is real. This will help you stay on track during the day. Before you go to bed reread them. This will be the last thing you read and it will stay with you subconsciously while you sleep. In the morning reread your resolutions one more time. Place a smile on your face and state to yourself, “Just for today. I can do anything for 24 hours.”

Prepare In Advance:

Most individuals’ resolutions involve getting in shape, losing weight, or spending more time with family. If you are trying to get in shape start moving and add in some exercise every day. If you are starting a fitness program, isometric exercise is a great way to start. No equipment is needed so you can perform isometric exercise anywhere and anytime. (Check out multitasking –  a fitness for life program)

If you are looking to lose weight then exercise is a must but you will also need to watch your caloric intake. Calories do count. Prepare your snacks and your lunch before going to work or school. This way there will be less temptation to eat calories that will keep your weight on. I never recommend dieting; I recommend portion control and the occasional junk food.

Spending more time with family:

After speaking with many individuals their biggest complaint was missing out on one or more years of their children’s lives because of work. Everything in their lives was geared first to their job, then their family, and their won needs were last on the list. This year try to reverse the order. Place yourself first. This means take care of yourself mentally, physically, spiritually, and health. Once you have that down then you can take care of family. Leave your job for last. That means do not take work home with you if possible or limit your time and make sure that you spend more of it with your family. You may find that you will have to schedule it. Over time this will become easier and easier.

Ellen is a certified Fitness Practitioner and Personal Trainer and has been teaching obtainable lifestyle changes for over 20 years. She writes and produces fitness DVD’s , CD’s, and Booklets of the IsoBreathing program.  All are now being sold through the IsoBreathing website worldwide. Ellen writes for her monthly newsletter, North shore wellness and counseling and New Orleans Wedding Magazine. She has been awarded Innovator of the Year 2006 by City Business. She has been married since 1978 to Alan and has three grown children. Her hobbies include  Oil Painting, Knitting, Pottery, Gardening, Welding , glass works, and Reading.

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