The Biggest Loser… UGH

I needed a few days to really think about what I was going to say because I was so frustrated:

As I sat and watched the first show of the season The Biggest Loser I hoped that  things would not be as bad as it had been in the past. I do love to challenge clients but… My heart almost stopped as these morbidly obese individuals got off the bus and found out that they had their first challenge to look forward to. The were to run a mile.

I do hope that most individuals watching this program for inspiration for themselves realize that these individuals (I hope) had gone through extensive testing before participating in this challenge. I know that this show does not want any deaths on their hands.  Any individual wanting to participate in any form of exercise program should go to see their physician.

There are two things that I need someone to explain to me. First –  How does getting in someones face yelling, screaming and cussing encourage them to do a few more repetitions? I do understand pushing someone and encouraging them to perform above and beyond  what they normally do but…  with what I saw I really had a difficult time digesting it all.

The other item I need someone to explain is why would any trainer push a client until they puke and then have them continue to exercise. These are not athletes or even individuals who have worked out for many years and want to be pushed to achieve another  level of exercise. These morbidly obese individuals need to change their lifestyle. It is definitely not the way I teach or was taught to teach.

I guess after almost 30 years of teaching individuals a realistic  lifestyle change, I will never receive the big bucks to become a nasty bitch because I wont cuss or scream at my clients until they are ready to pass out or puke.

I truly hope that the individuals watching this show take most of it with a grain of salt. These individuals are working out eight hours a day. This is now their job for the next 3 months. In real life no one works out for those many hours if they are not an athlete. Most of us real individuals just hope to get in a workout on a daily basis. Most of us do work and have families to take care of. Yes you do need to take care of yourself and change your lifestyle but make it realistic. 

 I truly wish that they would show us all the contestants from the very first show. It has now been a few years. Did they keep the weight off? Do they still work out for 8 hours a day? I do recall an article in the New York Times magazine one year after the show aired. Even the individual who won put back a good portion of his weight.  Unless you slowly make a lifestyle change  your weight loss will not last.

I personally watch the show to take some of the exercises that they perform and modify them so that individuals that are morbidly obese can  exercise and feel good about themselves accomplishing a fitness program.  Yes all will obtain results but remember those big numbers these contestants  too off  on The Biggest Loser this week was water weight.

Ellen Miller the originator of the IsoBreathing program has been teaching lifestyle changes for almost 30 years. The IsoBreathing program  has been around since 2002 and is on DVD’s, CD’s, and Booklets that can be purchased at Ellen is a certified fitness practitioner and personal trainer.

There are snippets of the IsoBreathing program at and some alternative exercises for those individuals who need a little more.

2 thoughts on “The Biggest Loser… UGH

  1. OMG!!! YES, finally someone speaks up! My family and I love the show, but only to see people get healthy and change their lives. I kills me to watch Miss you know who yelling like a crazy person. Thank you for sharring how one should really go about getting healthy.


    • Thank you for your comment Mark. I wonder how many individuals that do not know any better think that this is the healthy way to lose weight.


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