How do you get in exercise if you are morbidly obese without injury?

This is for those individuals who are morbidly obese and wanting to start an exercise program. I always encourage you to do just a little something every day when you are just starting out. I do not believe in the Biggest Loser approach when starting an exercise program.  It takes thirty days for a habit to form and only one day to break it. Then you have to start your thirty day process from day one all over again. Isometric exercise is a great way to get started with a strength training program. If isometric exercises are performed properly then you should wake up the next day aware you worked out but not sore.

You can start your isometric exercise program just working against your own body for resistance.  As you gain more strength you can then use an isoband to help you increase your intensity. Isometric exercise can be performed anywhere and anytime. You do not need a gym or gym equipment to work out. I was visiting a museum with my daughter and she really didn’t want to be there but her husband was enjoying it. I kept her busy with isometric exercise throughout the museum. She was able to get a full body workout by using an entrance way, a step, a wall and her own body.  

As you can see you can get in a full body workout if you are behind a desk, at a conference, waiting in a grocery store line or even walking your dog who likes to stop often. I encourage those who do not work out on a regular basis to take it slow and slowly build up intensity. Do a little bit of something throughout your busy day. Break up your workouts into many segments.  As time goes on you can take a chunk of time and perform all of your exercises at once.

Ellen Miller the originator of the IsoBreathing program has been teaching lifestyle changes for almost 30 years. The IsoBreathing program  has been around since 2002 and is on DVD’s, CD’s, and Booklets that can be purchased at

There are snippets of the IsoBreathing program at and some alternative exercises for those individuals who need a little more.

3 thoughts on “How do you get in exercise if you are morbidly obese without injury?

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    • The IsoBreathing program is the “kindergarten” of exercise. It is geared toward the morbidly obese and those with physical limitations. The program is completed while sitting in a chair. You exercise using your own body resistance before moving on to the IsoBand. (exercise band) The entire program is taken in small steps to progression.


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