Why choose isometric exercise

I have found over the years that most individuals need a starting point with their fitness programs. For those individuals who have been exercising for awhile and are not obtaining results  they also need to go back to basics and that is where isometric exercise benefits them also.

Isometric exercise is easy on the joints and an individual will learn how to isolate muscle groups. Over time some individuals tend to turn back to their bad techniques when exercising meaning that their body positioning is off. That is when additional muscle groups are being pulled in to help lift a weight. What I mean by that is if you are working your bicep muscles (front of the upper arm) and you are feeling a pulling or discomfort in your lower back then your body positioning is off.

I was out of town and working out at the hotel gym when I observed a woman performing walking lunges. Her body positioning was totally off. I went up to her and asked her how she was feeling after her first round. She told me that her knees were hurting and so was her lower back. I asked her if I could show her an alternative to walking  lunges so she could avoid knee problems later in life. She was thrilled with the three in one lunge that I showed her and her knees , and lower back did not hurt. By the way this is not an isometric exercise but body positioning is the key. (I have a demo on www.youtube.com/isobreathing.

Isometric exercise is also good for senior citizens. I volunteer once a week at a retirement home and all participants are sitting in a chair or their wheel chairs.  I do bring my isobands if individuals are ready for more of a challenge. I find that they love the isometric exercise. They are working against their own body with resistance.

The only item that I remind all of them constantly with is to breathe. You do not want to hold your breath while performing and isometric exercise. Your blood pressure will rise. So don’t just breathe IsoBreathe.

Isometric exercise will help teach an individual what muscle groups they should be targeting and body positioning is the key to all exercise. An isometric exercise DVD is also the key to help an individual who does not have access to a personal trainer.

Ellen Miller  www.isobreathing.com

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