Menopause- Ladies do we really need to gain weight as we age

This is for all of you ladies out there who are experiencing the peri-menopausal weight gain. Some of you are feeling “off your game” with a poor night’s sleep, being more tired than usual, moody, and somewhat depressed and watching the numbers on the scale slowly creeping upwards.

I fall into this category with I am sure many of you. In general I watch what I eat, exercise regularly with isometric exercise  and full range of movement, get in some relaxation, but the numbers are still creeping upward on the scale.


I did have blood work and saliva work done. My numbers are not where they should be so specific vitamins were recommended to hopefully get me back on track. I do try (depending on my schedule) to get in aerobic activity 4-5 times a week for at least 30-60 minutes.(again depending on my schedule) I do perform a multitasking  morning routine when I do not have time for my regular workouts ( my book soon to be released) but the weight is still creeping upward.

With that said I also do try to swim every afternoon just to do something extra.  I have put on my pedometer again just to make sure that I am getting in my movement every day.  I park as far away from the door of where ever I am going and add in those extra steps.

I do practice what I preach and I am going to fight this weight gain tooth and nail. It is now recommended by my doctor that I get off all white foods, alcohol, caffeine, and other varied items.   I am hoping that in three months time I will be able to take the weight off and feel more energized. By adding in magnesium (calm) in the evenings before bed I am getting a better night’s sleep. I do recommend that you do seek out an individual that believes in the natural path versus hormones so you can be tested to see where you stand so the proper vitamins can be recommended to you.   

I know that any of us can do something for three months. I would like to challenge everyone out there going through this to answer this blog and let’s see how we can help each other out.  Sometimes we all need that little extra encouragement so let me hear from you.

Ellen is a certified Fitness Practitioner and Personal Trainer and has been teaching obtainable lifestyle changes for over 20 years. Ellen writes and produces fitness DVD’s of the IsoBreathing program. The DVD’s are now being sold through the IsoBreathing website world wide. She has been awarded Innovator of the Year 2006 by City Business and 2008 Best Of Mandeville in Exercise Programs by USLBA. and she can be reached at

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3 thoughts on “Menopause- Ladies do we really need to gain weight as we age

  1. Hi Ellen!
    Just read your article and certainly understand your struggle! I work for a D.O. who does extensive Blood Work including vitamin/mineral panels and endocrine/thyroid panels to name just a few. It’s amazing what our traditional physicians overlook as we age, and how they don’t necessarily know how to get to the root of our issues! This doctor also has an allergist on staff who was able to diagnose and cure many issues that many people have suffered from for years (including myself!) Our
    High School buddy, Steve Rubin, is a D.O. in N.J. and I’m sure practices many similar techniques.
    Keep up the good work and I’m sure you’ll achieve the results you’re looking for!


  2. I was surprised to learn that just to maintain our weight once we enter perimenpause, we have to decrease our calorie intake by 200 calories per day. Add to that a desire to lose weight, with the suggested cut of 500 calories per day, and you now have to knock off 700 calories! I am currently struggling with this. There are definitely some calories I can cut (bye bye wine during the weekdays), but in general I eat a fairly healthy balanced diet. It really boils down to increasing my activity level from a fairly active lifestyle to a really active lifestyle! I hear you. It is definitely a challenge.


    • Hi Eliza,
      I also thought that I was eating healthy until I really started to pick things apart. There are ways to cut back on calories without taking away 700 calories a day. If you are taking in 1500-1600 calories a day you should not be reducing your caloric intake but increasing and changing your aerobic activity. Getting off of all whites such as flour and sugar, corn and corn products, and dairy are quite the challange. That pretty much leave lots of fruits and vegetables and grains. Try to cut out all of your junk foods and yes it is ok to have your one glass of wine on the weekend. Just limit the amount you drink. If you want I will be happy to help you with the aerobic suggestions. email me at
      thank you for your reply.


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