Need help with a challange

It has been awhile since my last writing. Since then I finished my semesters oil painting class and learned what I needed to learn. I went to Virginia to watch Michelle in the Mrs Virginia pageant. By the way she came in second runner up and received an award for Community Service. I also started a welding class so that I can make a sculpture for my back yard. 
That was my fun stuff. As far as I have written a few more articles and answered hundreds of questions that are asked of me daily. I finished my booklet Stretches for Gardener’s in paper format not just an e-book. I am finishing up my Stretches for Knitters and Crocheters booklet. Not everyone wants it in DVD format. I am also working on two more booklets. One is for balance and the other one  will deal with multitasking. 
Being that these booklets will be written on paper I decided to support Trees for the Future at It is a great organization that helps to replant trees that all of us use on a daily basis.
I have gone to a number of gardening facilities  and gardening groups and asked if I could perform a demonstration of the stretches that are included in the booklet and got turned down at most of them. It is mostly related to lawyers and insurance.  I then preceded to ask if they would keep the booklet next to the cash register for those individuals who would like to purchase them and even give the companies a percentage of the booklets that they sell.  (No monies out of their pockets to keep them at the register) So far it has been a big no. I have not given up. I am writing to a number of companies that have sites on line. You never know who may want to sell these.
I am going to do the same with the other booklets. If any of you have any ideas of how to get the booklets distributed I would love to hear from you.  So far it is just the website or at a speaking engagement which I am always looking forward tot he next one.  I can be reached at and let me know if it relates to this article. Otherwise I may end up deleting it. I get lots of spam. Thanks for your help. Till next time.

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