Gardening and Children

Children are never to young to learn about gardening. Whether it is flowers or vegetables. I started mine when they were around two. I purches lots of clay flower pots that I allowed them to paint on first and lots of seeds. It is amazing to watch their faces as the seeds start to grow and then turn into larger plants. Back when my children were little, their little fingers are the fright length to poke in the dirt and drop in a seed or two.

I have found that if you get them involved especially if it is vegetables they will tend to eat what they grow. Get your children used to vegetables at an early age and it will stick with them for a lifetime.

Once you finish your gardening dont forget to stretch . I was in my garden for only one hour planting begonias for the season. I do follow what I preach. I took a few minutes to stretch. My muscles were not tight at the time and I wanted to avoid geting tight muscles. Even only one hour in the garden can lead to tight muscles the next morning.  Stretches for Gardeners is in an inexpensive booklet that contains 18 different stretches. Many have written to say thank you for the easy to follow booklet.( now on sale) I am here to help.

Happy Gardening

Ellen Miller,

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