Amazing what the newpapers report

I find it amazing what the newpapers are reporting these days. President Obama is without his shirt and for the photo they changed the color of his bathing suit.  Give me a break. He was on vacation and at the beach in Hawaii. We wasnt even president when the photo was taken. Was he supposed to be wearing a suit and tie? I wonder if the individual doing this reporting is jealous of a fit body. I think that it is fantastic that the Obama’s lead a healthy lifestyle. Ionly hope that more Americans will follow suit. It is something when all it takes is some healthier smarter choices with food and a little fitness to start your process of getting in shape.  I know that they will bring their children up right in todays society so they can avoid becoming obese, and stay healthy.

On the same page they showed a story and photo of of the First Lady walking their dog.  Walking is a great exercise for both the dog and the Mrs.  I would love to see more individuals have pets and walk them. In my neightborhood we have lots of dogs and I see so many individuals out daily walking with their pets. It is a great way to socialize with neighbors and get fit at the same time. 
I encourage individuals to adopt pets and start your fitness regime with their four legged friends.

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