Why should I be a size 0?

I do play around on the Internet and came to this forum section. Of course I was curious and ended up looking up IsoBreathing. I love to see what individual have to say about the program. Well the comment that struck me was- How can you believe this program when she is overweight.  I believe that each individual is entitled to have their own opinion. When it comes to me I actually laughed at the comment. Why do individuals feel that to be a personal trainer you have to look like a bodybuilder or be a size 0 to encourage individuals to become healthier and fit. I am 5’2 and a size 6. I am happy, healthy and strong.?  Why should I diet and become a size 0 or work out for hours a day to look like a bodybuilder? I find that too many individuals have a very odd perception on what healthy really is. If I was a size 12 and was still fit would that mean that I didn’t have the same knowledge to help others become healthier and fit?

I think that individuals forget that the IsoBreathing program is not geared toward bodybuilders. It is geared to get individuals motivated and feeling good about themselves with a kindergarten approach with exercise. Remember that exercise should not hurt to work. That is why I designed this program to get back to basics and start with isometric exercise. This program is not for everybody and that is understandable. But if you know someone that is looking for a starting point this is the program for them.

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