Interesting Comments

I was playing around on the computer looking up all different things that are associated with IsoBreathing. I came across a sight where individuals were rating the IsoBreathing program. I really did appreciate all of the comments mentioned.

Some were positive and some negative. What I was amused at were the negatives and I truly understood their comments. This program is not for everyone. It is a learning process without the hip hop music and fast “booty” movements.
I designed the IsoBreathing program to teach individuals that exercise does not have to hurt to work. IsoBreathing is the Kindergarten of exercise. You need to start someplace and this program is your starting place. It teaches proper body positioning with a number of exercises so once you learn body positioning you need to move forward and increase intensity and perform different exercises. There are alot of great programs out there but I have found when watching individuals perform different exercises their body positioning was off.

The biggest complaint that I received from new clients that belonged to gyms was that they were not obtaining results. I worked with them for one week and changed their body positioning and they felt their muscles working where they did not feel them work before. For some I had to change their eating habits and for others they needed to include aerobic activity. This program is not aerobic. It is for strength training.
I hope that this will help others that are considering the IsoBreathing program. I have helped thousands get on the right path to a healthier lifestyle and I want to help you.

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