Sione (The Biggest Loser) and Personal Training

I was watching The Biggest Loser the other night when Sione was sent home. I think that it is great that he wants to become a personal trainer. I was very concerned when he took his family to the gym and started to work them out with what he was taught.

This is where I get pissed off. He has no official training. I was watching body positioning  on all the relatives while performing the exercises and they were off. These individuals I can guarantee  will be sore the next morning.  It is one thing to want to help individuals but please get trained first. Injuries happen so easily from poor body positioning and over pushing. These individuals do not know how their bodies should feel when they are being worked out properly.

Also he was pushing them to continue working out when they needed a break- but he forgot his first day on the ranch. For beginners they need to prepare the body for exercise by starting out slowly versus giving it your all. This is where I have problems with the biggest loser.  I can not understand when an individuals becomes nauseated why they want to continue. Your body is telling you something why not listen to it.

I know that Sione will become an excellent personal trainer once he is properly trained. Please get your education first before pushing others. The last comment that I want to make is listen to your clients. You can not feel how their bodies are feeling. Make sure that you talk to them and they talk back to you.

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